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Dangerous Electrics Once Again

I had to re-route  some pipe work across a downstairs bedroom ceiling the other day, so that we could get the pipe work across from wall to wall. We had to cut an access panel in the ceiling boards so that we could get our hands in and guide the pipe work across. As we threaded the pipes across the ceiling there were a couple of down lights and one of them we found was in the way because we kept coming against the cabling, so in the end we had to pull the light unit down.

To our horror as we eased out the light fitment we came across some deadly electrical wiring, there should have been a junction box there but instead we found a plastic connecter block.

So what you may think? …Well these cables are carrying 240 volts mains supply, which if touched could easily kill you and we were pushing our pipes through this mess including touching them with our hands. A cheap connector block does not fully enclose the electrical connection, which is why a junction box should have been used.

We soon told the client about this and understood that they had the ceiling put up by a builder a couple of years ago and to save them some money he also undertook the new wiring himself. OK that may be fine to save the householder some money and cut the quote down to get the work but at what potential cost.

Think about it……….. The wiring was not safe………………. it was not to any standard
It could have caught fire  ………………. There was no electrical certification of the work
If it had caught fire it is highly likely that the householder would not have been insured.

But worst of all it could have killed me or someone else.

Faulty electrics are one of the main causes of household fires and death. This is something that has to be done by a qualified professional, not a jobbing builder.