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For Safety Sake, Change it!

wiringI have today come across another example of dangerous electrics which I found when a client asked me to repair a shower which had water dripping out from it at the bottom of the casing.

On removing the casing I found the wiring to be so badly burnt and charred that my first response was to show the client the extent of the burnt wires, they took a look at it and they were quite surprised when I refused to repair the wiring damage or the water leak due to safety. I suggested they have it replaced on safety and cost grounds.

I hesitate to say that the client declined to have a replacement so I cannot let you know the outcome of this service call.

It’s upsetting and scares me that people still don’t understand the critical dangers of electrics in the bathroom.

Make sure any electrics you have in your bathroom are installed correctly and are not likely to create a fire or electric shock. Always ensure that the electrician you use is qualified to the relevant level for bathroom installations.