History of Oxford Bathrooms

The start 1968

Geoff Arnold set up in business over 50 years ago (1968), after leaving secondary school in 1966 he went straight into the plumbing trade. He trained as a Heating Engineer and Master Plumber which at that time he could not have imagined that 50 years later he would still be taking care of clients business requirements, home and property.

After training, Geoff starting out on his own, eager to set his mark on the world. He became involved with central heating quite early on undertaking the famous One Day central heating installations with a couple of other likeminded workmates. This at the time was a completely new way of installing central heating as most homes still were not heated, the boilers widely used then were the solid fuel Parkray back boilers.

The 70s

During the 70s he went into property work, installing bathrooms and kitchens throughout the Oxfordshire area and to this very day has always been held in high esteem for his knowledge together with his standard of workmanship. It was a time when the D.I.Y enthusiast was just starting to take up tools around the home and Geoff’s skills were being called upon more and more often to help complete & correct jobs. Seeing an opportunity he offered the public a 24 hour emergency call out service in a time when this type of early backup didn’t exist. After several years of helping others he found that the service which started out slowly was now hampering the flourishing kitchens and bathrooms refurbishments side, he also noticed early signs of interest from the estate agents which he was also helping.

The 80s

Geoff became more involved with property maintenance by building private extensions still in the Oxford & Abingdon areas. It was at this time he forged a great partnership with a few of the local estate agents (Adkins of Abingdon, Buckell & Ballards of Wallingford to name just two) where he arranged and oversaw all their property maintenance work, involving general repairs and trouble shooting.

The 90s

During the nineties the building work took a back seat and the present plumbing business began to form. Then the recession started in 1989 & was to continue until 1995. It was a challenging time for all, however Geoff took the opportunity to again re-access his business. With the support of his wife and family they established Bathrooms By Design and specialised in high quality bathroom refurbishments of which were known for their valve for money. Once they had perfected the bathroom refurbishments the business was extended to include kitchens.

The 2000s

Early in 2000 their son, Darren joined Bathrooms By Design and helped to expand the business, taking on a total of five installers and a full time estimator staying at this level for a number of years. Geoff and Mary now joined by their new son-in-law Andrew Empson found that this high degree of turnover was not how they envisaged the future of the company so they reduced the work force to just Geoff and Andy personally undertaking all the bathroom and kitchen refurbishments with Mary running the office, Darren at this point had started his own successful company in the IT industry.
This new setup continued right up until the most recent recession where the company evolved into Proplumb and now Oxford Bathrooms.

The Present

Over the years Geoff has seen a number of recessions come and go and has used them as an opportunity to review his life, his business and diversify accordingly. With Oxford Bathrooms, you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a family firm and market leader. Evolving as the needs of our customers’ requirements change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with Oxford Bathrooms you will enjoy the latest services, technology and developments within the industry. Oxford Bathrooms continues as a family business specialising in full bathroom refurbishments and now includes Geoff’s son Chris, daughter Kerry and Mary’s cousin Kevin.

The Future

With over 48 years of experience, Geoff is now looking to re-distribute his workload with the help of Chris and Kevin, but will continue to oversee all work completed by Oxford Bathrooms to ensure the quality of work and service remains at the high standard his customers have come to expect.