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Poor Shower Performance

A While ago I was contacted by a client because she had a problem with a shower that just would not work, she had contacted a few other plumbers more local to her, but none of them could find out why the shower didn’t work. So though this job was quite a distance from my base in Oxford, she really want me to help.

I agreed to visit their home as I look forward to a challenge, but when I got there to me it was quite obvious why the shower would not run. It was plumbed in with the use of a twin impeller booster pump and you would think that would be fool proof, take a look at the picture above you will see that the bathroom designer has placed the pump high in the airing cupboard and to get the pipe work back down to where the shower valve connections went through into the shower cubical he first went up from the pump then made a “U“ shaped pipe turning back down to the valve.

You would find the plumbing would air lock itself at the top of each bend and no way would the pump be able to move it along. I disconnect the pipe work installed air release valves at the top of each bend which would remove any air that may be trapped over time, once the plumbing had been amended I turned on the pump then went into the bathroom turned on the shower and away it went first time, the client was so please with my work she went on to ask me why the other plumbers could not had done the same, I guess its all down to experience.