Questions & Answers

Further to our open policy you should be able to find the answer to most of your questions on this page or within our website. If not, please don’t hesitate to send Geoff an email.

Working with Oxford Bathrooms

General Questions

What is meant by a fit only quotation?
Nowadays most clients have already been on the internet looking at bathrooms item, including layouts, before they contact a fitting service. As the internet has evolved so have we, offering a ‘Fit Only Installation’ is just that, the client supplies all the major/main bathroom goods with Oxford Bathrooms, with their vast experience and trading tradition, to supply all that is need to complete your work.

Would you supply the bathroom suite if required?
Yes, we would be happy to do so.

Do you work weekends and evenings?
We aim to only be on site Monday-Friday in order to not disrupt your private lives too much.

I only have one toilet does this mean I shall be without a toilet for some time?
Not at all, we work around you and your family making sure that you have a toilet during most of the day and guarantee it will be in full working order at the end of each day.

Will I be without water during this work?
We will have to turn the water off and on during the work but this would only be for a very short period of time. Again it will be in full working order at the end of the day.

I would like to have my bathroom door changed, is this possible?
We routinely change bathroom doors to rehang the other way around or we can replace it completely.
How soon can I use the bathroom?
a. Whilst we are installing the new bathroom you will remain able to use a number of items more or lessall the time. We just ask you to take care when doing so.

b. If this happens to be your only toilet in the home then we will make sure you have access to it most of the time, certainly at the end of each working day.

How soon can I use the shower?
Once the tiling is complete and we have grouted the tiles we ask you to wait a short period of four days before using it to allow for the tiling to dry.


I have a number of accessories I would like to be put up, is this something you can do?
We are happy to fit a few accessories free of any charge as long as:
a. There are not too many of them.
b. They are not on porcelain tiles as this will require a carbon drill which costs £32.00 to drill approximately six holes before burning out.
c. That these are at hand before we complete your refurbishment, not requiring a return visit.

I have a replacement window blind to go up,could you install it for me?
Yes we can. If it is a straight forward fit (correct size and correct fittings) it would be a free service. If we have to cut it to size or the fittings are not compatible for the window reveal, then a small charge may have to be made.

Can I change my mind?

The quotation does not fit my requirements
The quotation is based upon Geoff’s visit to your home and has been based on what was discussed, so is a very good starting point. Geoff would be happy to adjust the quotation to meet closer with your requirements if needed.

What happens if I decided to add items or make changes to my bathroom during the refurbishment?
We will try to accommodate changes to the room as much as we possibly can. If you would like to add items such as lighting or shaver points, the cost for these will be added to your final bill. Larger, more expensive items may need to be invoiced and paid for at the time of purchase.


We have just had new carpets laid, will it be protected?
We always lay out dust sheets when we are working and if necessary use additional carpet protectors so your carpets will not come to any harm.

Charity Work

I see you support a number of charities and offer to send money to them on my behalf if I accept your quotation. Is this an additional cost added to my refurbishment?
The charity donation is never added to any quotation. This is our way of giving back to the community as the bathroom trade has been good to us over the years.

Can I choose which charity you send money to?
We actively support three charities; PDSA, Dogs Trust and Sea Life. These charities are the ones which would benefit from the donation on your behalf from Oxford Bathrooms.


Could you decorate my bathroom for me at the same time?
Yes we can.

Electrical work

I have my own electrician; do I have to use yours?
You are under no direct obligation to use our electrician, however our quotation is based and costed with our workforce but we can always work with a third party, it’s a service which we offer.

When does your electrician come?
We will arrange for him to come during your refurbishment, as and when needed.

I would like extra electrical work done at the same time, is this OK?
Most of the time we can fit this work in within the same time frame.

Please could you fit a new pull switch for my light?
Yes, we can change this at the same time as your other work.

Can I have an extractor fan fitted?
An extractor fan can be installed either during your refurbishment or after wards if needed.


Will you have to drain down my central heating?
It’s been a long time since we have had to completely drain down a central heating system. We use a number of alternative methods instead, but by enlarge we will vacuum the system. If your boiler is a combi boiler it is a lot easier and we will need to remove very little water.

I have an inhibitor in my central heating, does this need to be replaced or toped up?
The amount we drain out of your system is very little, about one or two kettlesful, that’s all.

Do I have to turn off my central heating while you are working on my refurbishment?
No, we will take care of this for you. We will turn the system off when we are working on the central heating and then back on when work has been completed in order to test our work, resetting the controls to where they were before we started.

I’ve changed my mind

I have read through the quotation but I would like to change my mind please.
That’s quite alright; we can re-address the quotation to meet your exacting requirements.

You have started my refurbishment but I would like to make a few changes.
Again that’s alright; most elements of a refurbishment we can changed or adjusted as long as we have not progressed too far. We are often asked to change things along the way and most adjustments can be catered for. We will make the necessary amendments to your account on the final invoice.

Laminated Flooring

Do you fit laminated flooring?
Yes we do.


What type of lights can I have in my bathroom?
We are now using LED’s; these are chrome down lighters rated at 240v with 50 watt output to I.P.65 and are fire rated. We can also supply them with a white bezel, both lamps are suitable for zone 1 use.

Can I keep my current light fitting or have a new one installed that is already purchased?
You can, providing that it is suitable for the zone to which it would be installed. We would make a small charge to cover this, unless it is already itemised in your quotation.


Please could you hang a mirror for me?
Most clients purchase a nice standard mirror which we are happy to install free of charge, providing you have the correct fittings and it’s not too large. If you require a particular size of mirror we can help to arrange for one to be cut to size for you.

I would like a very large mirror in my new bathroom, can you do this?
We would prefer to supply this for you and depending on the size we may have to charge additional costs for fixtures and time.

Can you stop my mirror from misting up?
We can fit a heat pad to the back of the mirror which would have to be wired into the lighting electrical system.

What do you mean by an illuminated mirror?
This is when an electrical connection is required to operate the lighting on or around the mirror. This we would not had taken for in your quote unless it was decided upon at the time of Geoff’s survey visit.


I live in a resident’s only parking area, what do I/we need to do?
We would require the use of your parking permit which every house hold will be issued with in your area. It is essential to your works that we can park close to your house.

I’ve only got a few parking tickets left, what should I do?
Please allow enough time to obtain additional permits from your local council.

I don’t have any resident’s parking permits as I do not own a car, can you get them for me?
We as traders can apply for a ‘traders exempt’ permit. We need to allow up to 2/3 weeks to obtain and cost £40.00 for a 2 week duration. This additional cost would be passed on to your refurbishment.


Can I pay using my credit card?
Sorry we are not able to take payments by card at this moment. Payment is preferred by bank transfer.

How soon should I pay my deposit?
The payment of the deposit should be paid by bank transfer within three days of signing the acceptance form.

Why is there an interim invoice?
As we only ask for a small deposit up front, we request a 35% interim payment once we have been at your property for a while. This gives you a chance to assess our workmanship.

When do I need to pay my final bill?
Payment must be made with 24 hours of receiving your final bill after completion. Any outstanding work conducted by a third party (for example an electrician) is classified as a separate payment to that third party contractor and should not delay your payment to Oxford Bathrooms.

Do Oxford Bathrooms charge for the electrical work?
We have always asked our clients to pay the electrician directly as often a client will ask for additional work to be undertaken at the same time and it simplifies any misunderstands. If we were to pay the electrician on the client’s behalf we would incur additional bank and office expenses which would need to charge back to the customer, add to the final total. This way we have been able to reduce the electrical cost for you.

When do I have to pay the electrician?
Once you have received an invoice directly from the electrician himself.


Can dogs stay in the house whilst you work?
We at Oxford Bathrooms are all pet lovers and we would be happy to let your dog out during the day for a run in the garden.

Will my cat be OK in the house whilst you work?
We find most cats tend to keep out of the way whilst we are working. They come back once the home has quietened down for a while.


Do you install electric showers?
Yes we do, along with a complete range of bath showers, power showers, mixer showers and recessed showers.

My power shower has stopped working, what might be the problem?
Check if the shower is still under the manufactures guarantee if it is then contact them to arrange a service call. After that, we can offer advice over the phone or we could arrange a visit.

I have a shower which needs updating, can you help?
Please give us a call so that we may get some more information from you and be able advise you accordingly.

I would like a better and more powerful shower, what do you advise?
Please give us a call so that we may get some more information from you and be able advise you accordingly and hopefully finding a solution for a better showering experience.

My shower cubical is broken, can you fix it?
We would be happy to come along to take a look and arrange to have it replaced.

I have a leaking shower cubical, can you help me?
Yes, we can always help. We will need to visit you to check the seals of the cubical.

We have a bath but would like a shower cubical instead. Is this something you can do?
We are finding that a number of clients now prefer to have showers installed instead of a bath. We can arrange to visit you and give you a quotation for the work required.

Skirting Boards

We have wooden skirting boards around our bathroom, would these be removed?
If we are tiling down to the floor then the skirting boards will be removed, this is good practise.

Can I keep my skirting boards?

What are your working times?

What are the working hours of Oxford Bathrooms?
Once we start a project, we aim to be at your house daily between the hours of 8am-5pm.

Do you work weekends?
We tend not to work weekends in order to not disrupt your private lives too much.

Supply of bathroom ware

Do you supply all the bathroom good or do we?
Some clients decide that they would prefer for Oxford Bathrooms to supply the bathroom ware. We can always undertake this task for you however we cannot complete with internet prices.

Try Powell’s Design for your bathroom
We have worked very closely with Garry at Powell’s Design since the early 1980s and have built up a great working relationship. We suggest you pop in and have a word with Garry, if you mention that Oxford Bathrooms is undertaking your refurbishment you will receive a 15% discount on all your bathroom items.

Can you help me to purchase the furniture for my refurbishment?
Yes we are always happy to help and advise clients. If you require Oxford Bathrooms to supply any furniture, this will be charged back to you at retail rate. Please visit our ‘Useful Information’ page and the section called ‘Materials We Use and Recommends’ for more advice.

Plaster work

I need my walls re-plastered, can you do this for me?
Yes, we are always undertaking plastering work for our clients in line with their refurbishments.

I see you plaster ceilings as well as walls?
Yes, can also plaster ceilings as needed. We also come across a number of ceilings which still have the old Artexing coating which has fallen out of favour over the years and are happy to re-plaster this as required.

My walls are old, what about the plaster on them?
a.If the walls are uneven and in poor shape we would recommend re-plastering the walls.
b. If you are concerned that the walls are old and may not withstand tiling, then we could again re-plaster the walls or dry line them for you.

What if the room requires some re-plastering once you have started the work?
This does come about quite often; we will assess the situation and advise you of any work that may be required. Then any additional cost would be itemised on you final invoice.


Once the tiles have been removed, if the walls are in bad condition, will I have to pay anything extra to repair them?
If it is just a small repair, we will do this free of charge. However, for example if the rendering has come away or the plasterboard is damaged, we will have to charge extra as this will incur extra man-hours and supplies.

If the laying of ceramic tiles is priced for in your quote, what happens if I decide to purchase porcelain tiles?
We are happy to cut and lay porcelain tiles. But please be advised that porcelain is a hard material and therefore harder to work with and incurs extra man-hours. This additional time will be added onto your final bill.

Can I choose brick patterned tiling?
Yes, but please be advised that the laying of the pattering is slightly more complex than with a standard tile and takes a bit longer. This additional time will be added to your final bill.

Your quote is for standard 25x20mm ceramic tiles. What if I would like larger tiles?
If your tiles are only marginally larger there will be no extra charge. If the tiles are much larger, for example 600x400mm, we will need to ensure the wall is flat enough and extra wall preparation may be required. The cost for any additional work involved will be added to your final bill.

Can you lay mosaic tiles in my bathroom?
Yes, we find that a feature wall can work well. If you would like to have a panel/border set into the tiling please make sure the small mosaic tiles are compatible with the larger tiles, in particular their thickness.

I have a shower that needs re-tiling, do you do this work too?
Yes we do, we are always happy to offer our services be it a small job like yours or a complete bathroom.

Water Pressure

What is my water pressure?
It is easiest for Geoff to answer this question upon visiting your home, however the below common scenarios may help;
a. If you have a hot water tank and a cold water tank in the loft then its low pressure.
b. If you have a combi boiler then you have high pressure.
c. If you have a Mega-flow type cylinder then it’s a high pressure system.

Please visit our ‘Useful Information’ page and the ‘Water Pressure Guide’ for more information. Alternatively, please send Geoff an email.

Waste Removal

Will Oxford Bathrooms remove all of the waste?
Yes, we will remove the waste if requested in your quotation. The only request that we make is for skips/hippo bags to be left for the waste from the project and no personal waste be added to them. Some clients are happy to dispose of the waste themselves, therefore not incurring an additional charge. In this circumstance we will bag up these items for you ready for disposal.

Can I dispose of the waste myself?
Yes, we would bag the waste for you and stack it in a suitable place ready for you to dispose of it. The additional cost of waste removal will be deducted from the quotation on the final invoice.

I am worried as I have an asbestos soil stack at my property, what should I/we do?
This is not a great problem for us. It depends on your refurbishment but most of the time we can adapt the soil and vent connection for the new bathroom ware. In the event that it needs to be completely removed this can be undertaken quite easily as well, this will have to be priced separately.

Am I charged for plaster board disposal?
In most cases no. Although, if we discover that the existing plasterboard walls have become loose, unstable or damaged, it is always best to replace than to repair. We then would have a larger amount plaster board to disposal of and may need to charge a little extra.