Terms & Conditions

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1. Starting dates

All given dates are provisional booked into our work schedule which are subject to change, very occasionally start dates need to be slightly amended either due to factors beyond our control or occasionally due to a current refurbishment slightly over running or completing early..PLEASE NOTE: Start dates are given in good faith and cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to reschedule as found necessary from time to time.

2. Payments
Payment terms are as set out on individual agreements. The process is commonly as follows:

  1. We require a signed agreement to proceed including a deposit as requested.
  2. Remaining balances are to be paid as invoiced.
  3. If work has to stop due to lack of materials or outside factors etc. then payment to date will be requested (see Continuity of Work).
  4. Internet payments only. In line with other companies Oxford Bathrooms no longer accepts cheques.

3. Deposits
Deposits are non-refundable except due to a client’s serious illness or ill-health.

  1. Due to the clients serious illness or death
  2. If Oxford Bathrooms are unable to fulfil their obligations to you otherwise
  3. Oxford Bathrooms reserve the right to recover any out of pocket expensive as they would had spent time meeting with you, taking time to write and supply all the necessary quotations/estimates as was requested of them, once the expensive have be taken any monies remaining will be returned, if the deposit does not cover our out of pocket expensive then we shall not request any shortfall and the account will be closed.

4. Cancellation
The client has the right to cancel the contract starting 14 days from the day the contract is made and to have any deposits returned provided the client has informed Oxford Bathrooms in writing. Oxford Bathrooms reserves the right to deduct the quotation costs; any out of pocket expenses relating to the contract, any necessary restocking of materials or other costs they have incurred on behalf of the client,including the loss of the contract.

5. Additional Work
Whilst working on your project there may be additional work involved which Oxford Bathrooms were not originally aware of or are asked by the client to undertake while on site. We are happy to undertake this additional work, you will be notified of these changes together with a suggested cost if necessary.This addition work may be invoiced separately or added to the final account.

6. Guarantees
All workmanship is guaranteed for one full year after the date of completion with all materials being covered by the manufacturers own guarantees. A service charge may be applied if we have to disconnect, re-install and/or alter the item or the surrounding area to where it is to be fixed. If the client has supplied any items in question then it becomes their responsibility to pursue any complaint with their supplier. Exclusions from the guarantee are:

  1. Toilets seats becoming loose
  2. Movement of flooring causing floor tiles and/or grouting to move/crack
  3. Light bulbs.
  4. Small repairs/maintenance work is guaranteed for 28 days. If any invoices remain unpaid or only part paid upon completion then any guarantees offered will be considered void.

Guarantees are not insurance backed.

7. Clients Undertaking
The client is responsible for removing all personal items from within or adjacent to the working area, including emptying the cupboards. If we have to empty the cupboards then the client will be responsible for returning the items to their locations. We ask that any fitted loft space decking boards be made loose above the room we are working in as we may require access if lights are to be installed. May we also request that there is enough working space in and around the loft in particularly beside the loft hatch.

8. Clients Obtaining Materials
We require all goods to be ordered in good time and made available for inspection at the start the job, as any missing goods or waiting for goods to arrive does have a great influence on the scheduling of your works and will in turn inconvenience our other clients. If we cannot continue with the agreed work then we may request an interim payment to cover your work to date (see Continuity of Work).

9. Continuity of Work
Installation and costing are based upon all the work being carried out without interruption. If other trades persons are in attendance, or necessary to the work and we have to stop due to allow them to work then an interim charge may be requested. If the client has not obtained the necessary materials and we have to stop work or are unable to achieve completion, or if the client has given Oxford Bathrooms incorrect information or if it is necessary for us to return to complete finishing touches once we have left the installation, then we reserve the right to ask for an interim payment representing the amount of work completed and materials used up to that date. Where Oxford Bathrooms has supplies the materials and if any of the associated goods fails to arrive on time then no such charges will be made to the client for any loss of working hours.

10. Running Around & Collections
Whilst working on an installation, if we are requested by the client to collect/drop off any goods or any such running around for their convenience, this would be taken as an extra as our time is chargeable. However if we have to collect any materials which we consider we should have had on the van or as a stocked item then this time spent in obtaining such items is not chargeable to the client.

11. Unobtainable or Out of Stock
All materials are placed on order and supplied in good faith; if any such items are not available or out of stock and we cannot re-order additional stock in time, we cannot be held responsible. We will do our utmost to overcome the situation as quickly as possible. This may mean that a change of goods may have to be considered in order to complete the installation.

12. Health and Safety
Oxford Bathrooms takes Health and Safety very seriously in order to protect both their workforce and their clients. We understand that clients will be present during the course of the works and request that they undertake additional care when on the premises. We as contractors will do our very best to ensure that no-one comes to any harm during the works and that all sites are left as secure as possible when unattended, for example, during break times, all electrical plugs and appliances will be removed from sockets.

13. Parking Arrangements
It is essential to the works that the workforce can park close to the house or on the driveway. If the client lives in an area where resident parking permits are required, Oxford Bathrooms will require the use of these permits for the duration of the work. We as traders can apply for a ‘traders exempt’ permit. We need to allow up to 2/3 weeks to obtain at a cost of £40.00 for a two week duration for each vehicle. This additional cost would be passed on to your refurbishment.

14. Clients Details
At no point will we release or give out any client’s person details, apart from other vetted trade persons in direct connections with the clients work. When using social media Oxford Bathrooms will not use any of the client’s details or information.

15. Ownership of Property
All the installation materials including any items supplied by Oxford Bathrooms will remain the property of Oxford Bathrooms until full and final payment has been received and cleared by the banking system.

16. Complaints Policy
We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on that very rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied.
To ensure we are able to put things right as soon as we can, please read our complaints procedure below and we will respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction. As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards.
In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible.

Call us on 07789 103 971
Or write to us at Oxford bathrooms. 61, Wootton Village, Boars Hill, Oxford, Oxon. OX1 5HP (please request proof of receipt if posting)
Or email us at Geoff@oxfordbathrooms.com

We aim to respond within 2 days of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.

17. Complaints
Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact 0333 241 3209 or via their website. http://www.disputeresolutionombudsman.org/membership/whichtrustedtraders/

18. Photos/Videos
We reserve the right to take or have taken photos/videos of our work; copyright would become ours to use them as we believe is fitting and in good taste. No other part of the client’s property will be photographed without the consent of the client.

19. Negative Reviews
Failure to contact Oxford Bathrooms by email prior to leaving a negative review on trade websites/social media may invalidate your guarantees.

20. Planning Consent
Under normal circumstances it is not necessary to obtain any planning consent for bathroom refurbishments from your local council. However if your property is leasehold or listed, then consent may be required. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to check and obtain any planning consent required. Oxford Bathroom cannot be held responsible for any oversight with any planning consent.


21. To enable us to give you an early quotation we have taken the opportunity to list an estimated cost for the tiling work, allowing us to complete the quotation without knowing the exact specification of your chosen tile. Your final choice of tiles can increase or decrease the quoted price; we have listed below what effect difference tiles may have on your quotation..

22. The most cost affected tile to cut and use on a bathroom installation would be a 225x200mm ceramic wall tile. This is what we have taken for on your quotation. Once you have your square area for your tiling please allow at least 10% on top for cuts etc.

23. Please feel free to choose a tile of a different size or character. I have listed a few guidelines which I hope will be helpful;

24. Small Tiles: Smaller tiles may well require additional time to cut and lay using the same tiling adhesive but would require a larger amount of tile grout.

25. Large Tiles: When a larger tile is chosen the wall surface must be completely flat, this may require additional plastering to bring an uneven wall up to the level where we can lay a large tile. When you have joints in-between tiles it allows the installer to bend the wall tile giving the illusion that wall is flat, larger tiles means less joints to aid the finished look. Larger tiles does not always mean it’s quicker to lay we know this from experience, it does mean there are less cuts, but we are not always able to re-use these off-cuts elsewhere, therefore, please allow at least an additional 20-25% for the cuts.

26. Floor Tiles: Floor tiles will included in your quote as 300x300mm square and generally laid upon a one part flexible tiling adhesive. We would always advise you to over-board the existing floor even if it feels stable, this advice has been gained over years of experience in the trade. We always use 12mm PVF (ply sheeting) which will be screwed down at approximately 150mm intervals with 25mm screws, this will increase the stability of the floor. Whilst tiling such floors is standard practice, it is not common to tile underneath the bath, shower tray or fitted furniture. It is not required, thus saving you an expense.

27. Wall Tiles: Ceramic verses Porcelain – Please note in your quote I will have included to cut and lay ceramic wall tiles which are the most cost effected tile to use. If you view and choose porcelain tiles we are happy to use them for your refurbishment but would like to point out that these are harder to cut due to their high density, requiring additional time and will require a difference tile adhesive which is in power form and not ready mixed. We also need to draw your attention to the drilling of porcelain tiles; we will burn out at least one dry diamond drill bit at £29.80 each. Please allow for an increase in cost of about 18% on the tiling allowance. This does not apply to the flooring tiles as these are always porcelain and we have catered for these.

28. Wall Tiles: Travertine & Terracotta – This type of tile and others which are available are generally not sealed and would benefit from additional sealant. We would be pleased to use these tiles, but would not have taken for the additional time required to cut and lay them in your quotation. Please call Geoff before ordering as some are not suitable for use within a shower.

29. Irregular tiling/design: Brick effect or diagonal tiling – This design on walls and floors will incur additional time to cut and lay and have not been taken into account in our quotation, please allow for an increase in the tiling cost of about 25%.

30. Large or Oversized Tiles: Please be advised that we are currently finding a high number of large tiles are being supplied to our clients which are not completely flat and therefore damaging the look of the tiling when laid in a brick pattern. If purchasing these tiles, please check that they are flat before work commences and that you will be able to gain a refund from your supplier if they are not suitable.

31. Grouting: White grouting will have been taken for within the quoted price for the wall tiles with light grey grout for the floor tiles. If on choosing/ordering your tiles you require a difference tile grout please order it at that point, the allowance I have taken within the quotation will be deducted upon the finial invoice.

32. Removal of Existing Tiles: When removing tiles, if the walls underneath are unstable or damaged then additional work may be required to correct this before tiling can continue. This will not be included within the quote price.


33. Since 2004 it has been necessary to have any electrical work that’s been carried out within the home tested and a Part P Electrical Certification obtained and kept for future reference. This applies to most of the refurbishments we undertake.

Bathrooms and shower areas are divided into zones for electrical safety classed as I.P rating.

34. Lighting: All bathroom down lighting installed and supplied by Oxford Bathroom will have a rating of I.P. 65 and will be fire rated making them very safe for bathroom use. If there is not a shower in the bathroom then the use of a ceiling light is permitted, providing it is changed to an in-case fitment and is not too close to any water (outside of zone 2). Should a shower be installed then a different set of regulations come into force.

35. Extractor Fans: Our standard ceiling fan installed would be of the in-line type, these fans are beneficial as the fan unit housing the motor is installed within the loft space making it much quieter than if installed within the bathroom. The external vent/grille will be installed through the soffit board, on some houses this may not be possible therefore we would take it out through the loft via a roof slate complete with a terminal connection. Cost for the latter will not have been included in your quotation. Extractor fans which have to be installed within the showering area zone 1 will have to be of a 12 volt units (none mains) which does require a transformer normally being installed just outside the shower room. These are generally placed at high level so not the show too much together with a necessary 3 pole fan isolator switch for added safety. All fans have an overrun timer built-in. We would normally wire all fan units via a connection to the lighting circuit for this room.

36. Power showers, Under Floor Heating and Towel Warmers: Power showers, under floor heating and towel warmers with summer heating elements fitted, are all installed with the use of a 13aRCD switched socket.

37. Booster Pumps: Booster pumps (shower pumps) may be connected through either a 13aRCD switched socket or via a nominal 13 amp power socket both being fused down to 5 amp.

38. Mirror Cabinets: The installation of a lit mirror will not have been included in your quotation, however we are happy to install them with prior notice.

39. Mirror Demisting Pads: Mirror demisting pads are normally linked into the existing bathroom lighting circuit but not included in your quote as standard.

40. Shaver Units: Shaver units are not normally included in your quotation. If you have one already fitted or would like one installed, we will adjust your quotation accordingly.

41. Electrical Showers: Electrical showers (not to be confused with power showers) require a direct electrical connection taken from the consumer unit (fuse board) this may be a 6mm or 10mm cable. In some circumstances we find that the existing consumer unit is either full up with no extra space or just too small to carry such a high demanding appliance. We will have to advise on individual installations.

42. For your added safety we have an electrician who will come and check our work on your behalf. He will test all work which has been undertaken and give you a Part P Electrical Certificate.

Dated 29 August 2018