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Water through the ceiling!

I was called up during this week to speed along to a job in Faringdon, but at first the stressed lady on the other end of the telephone was at best looking for advice for any way to stop the water from coming through her kitchen ceiling.

As we engaged in a fast conversation I was able to explain to her that, as the water was indeed coming through her ceiling this was the best result that she could wish for, this is not what she wanted to hear from a plumber.  On further explanation I pointed out that when a water leak does occur the water will find its way into the ceiling board and in time the plaster board will absorb so much water the sheer weight of the water alone will bring down the ceiling making a far far bigger mess than she has now. With most of the water seeping through her ceiling there would be a good chance that all she would be left with is just water staining.

Up Date:     I arrival not long afterwards and found that the water had indeed made a bit of a mess of her kitchen (it was a mess but there was no long term damage and just required sponging up) I found the cause was due to a faulty ball valve in the en-suite toilet cistern and on further conversation with the lady I found out that the valve in question had been giving trouble on and off for about 2 months. If only she had called me when there was first signs of a plumbing problem all this could had been avoided